Someday I'll feel again
The Passions dormant in my soul,
And live the dream
Of endless opportunity
And hope for more than hope,
but not today.
Someday I'll live again,
I'll know I know
And trust my trust
In understanding
The innocence of life.
Alone will be a celebration
of the Me within Me
but not today.
Someday I'll feel a sunrise
And celebrate the day's completeness.
I'll feel the Aspen turning gold
Against the jagged edge of life,
And climb the hills
Without a measure of the journey back,
but not today.
How fragile the soul;
Sustained by dreams
Yet a victim
Of the rotting flesh of yesterday.
It's passion can withstand
The challenge of an army
Or an offshore storm,
But die before a lie.
The Pain must run its course
Until the pain is pain no more
Until the season fades
Amongst the overgrowth
Of a new and fragrant spring.
Someday I'll feel again
But not today.
Someday I'll feel again,
Someday soon,
A muted joy,
Reborn from disappointment.
A Phoenix in the ashes of a childhood dream,
A bitter sweetness,
The tears of peace,
A weathered shutter
Open to a storm washed rocky beach,
And share my aging nakedness
In subdued triumph
With a caring ancient Mermaid.
copyright pd 1998

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