I've Walked the paths of glaciers
In the glow of northern lights
Tomorrow a season past
Today a future memory.
And still the search
For Perfection persists
Life and future linked to
Choices I cannot, will not make

The camera shutter locks
On moments past
The picture's fragile thoughts
Of mostly things that haven't been
And mostly never will

My life linked to choices I cannot make
The gray rain returns awash
With memories lost
Mind's passions undiminished
While body's are a distant memory
Guides my motion with less
Direction but deeper need

Restless dawns and
Tired Days,
Born of sleepless nights
And forgotten dreams,
Of  Winged horses and
Gods impaled on spirits
Driven from their host by fear of flight

Graveyards of an uncompleted past
Stones of ice melting in heat of fear
The gray dawn with orchids
Falling slowly to the glaciers edge
Resplendent in
A cape of blood drawn
From the abyss of a
Distant dawn.

Where now the loves that
Lead me to the origins of
My soul?
Where now the path to
Journey's end?

The iron chariots race to
Claim the prize without a choice
The wheels grinding Bones to Dust
The pulling creatures
Strain their lead against
The dwindling odds
To close the game....



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